Cyber Resilience Building for Government Officers

Cyber Resilience Building for Government Officers

This course is targeted at those operating at a strategic level, within a governmental, or non-commercial agency and hold decision making roles.

Building cyber resilience requires top-level knowledge of both cyber security and cyber risk management, with input to overall agency operational risk management programmes.

We aim to provide the strategic insight and actionable take-aways to facilitate the building of organisational cyber resilience at all levels of an agency, regardless of specific functional domain.

Within the course, participants will gain an understanding of the fundamental components of cyber de-risking without there being a requirement to understand cyber security at the operational level, with this domain being served by IT security departments.

Gaining the knowledge of what needs to be embodied into a cyber risk management programme, enables more accurate and informed decision making, by those responsible for creating and maintaining cyber security robustness on an ongoing basis.

The focus of the course is in the provision of information, best practice areas from which to draw and in developing the quick wins pertinent to all government agencies.





State Versus Non-State

The Dark Web

What Happens



Attack Types

De-risking Cyber

Cyber Risk Assessment


Standards & Frameworks


AI in Cyber Current & Future

The Main Players

Offensive Versus Defensive Use of AI

The Chip War

Actionable Take-Aways