When people are able to understand the bigger cyber risk landscape and their role within your organisations cyber risk management, they can make better sense of it within their day-to-day work. We provide the learning programmes necessary to help your employees build their cyber awareness -either as a part of your corporate cyber training program, or as a stand-alone workplace learning session for non-technical managers. We work across various industries and personnel levels, providing the knowledge needed to build effective and lasting cyber resilience.

A great cyber resilience team starts with great training

We have over 20 years of training and technology experience in cyber risk management and compliance.

Face-to-face or digitally

Our courses can be delivered as required, either virtually, or in-person using our patented cyber risk management methods. We offer the opportunity for your participants to gain hands-on experience of real-world cyber risk management scenarios.

Flexibility and customisation

We offer a modular approach to our learning pathway, to fit your personnel profile needs to our programmes. From traditional training and presentation methods to simulations and team casework, our modules enable your team members to attain the required skills and knowledge needed for cyber resilience


Meet new regulatory and security standards compliance thresholds

With increasing mandated cyber awareness training requirements for all levels of organizations, we can assist your compliance programmes. New ISO 2022 baseline security standards now require additional skills and awareness training.

Build your cyber risk and compliance with hands-on learning

We offer a wide range of in-person or distance learning solutions – with a modular selection approach to fit your personnel profiles, to custom-made training that can include our cyber risk management, hands-on experiential learning, to be used independently, or as part of your cyber overall resilience and compliance programmes.

Empower your cyber awareness programme with cyber risk acumen

Cyber awareness and risk management acumen requires your teams to have an in-depth, complex understanding of the different factors that can affect a company’s cyber resilience. Our training enables them to know how to make the right decisions to drive cyber resilience and regulatory compliance.

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Sale Cyber Risk Management for non-IT Managers

Cyber Risk Management for non-IT Managers

26/03/2023 / No Comments

This course is targeted at those who need to understand the means by which we can build cyber resilience. You may be starting out in a junior management position, or you may be an experienced manager. We all need to understand the fundamentals of how we can manage cyber risks by also comprehending what facets…


22/02/2023 / No Comments

This course is 70 minutes in duration. We provide you with the training you need for cyber risk awareness to create cyber resilience and comply with todays’ and emerging regulatory requirements, at a low cost. CyberEx utilises a mixture of course content, along with self-test quizzes to provide attendees with the satisfaction they have gained…