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Company Overview

Where We Came From

The CyberEx Academy is part of the UK Limited company Quantar Solutions, based in central London. Having developed cyber risk management solutions for 20+ years, CyberEx Academy was seen as a way of assisting organizations attain a higher level of cyber risk resilience. The background of Quantar Solutions provides a solid and demonstrable capability in creating cyber risk awareness as well as training for non-technical staff in the domain of cyber risk management. As regulations and standards now mandate cyber awareness training for all personnel, the CyberEx Academy can assist your organization in meeting compliance targets.

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What We Do

Building Cyber Risk Management Skills

When people are able to understand the bigger cyber risk landscape and their role within your organisations cyber risk management, they can make better sense of it within their day-to-day work. We provide the learning programmes necessary to help your employees build their cyber awareness -either as a part of your corporate cyber training program, or as a stand-alone workplace learning session for non-technical managers. We work across various industries and personnel levels, providing the knowledge needed to build effective and lasting cyber resilience.

How We Do It 03

How We Do It

Our Approach to Cyber Training

With over 25 years operating within executive education and business environments, we believe that learning by doing is the best way for individuals to acquire and retain information that they can usefully use in their everyday roles.

It is for this reason that we use a blended approach to providing cyber and technology risk training, utilising a combination of traditional taught forms, cyber risk simulations and experiential learning.

In many sectors, individuals are required to undergo simulation training in order to perform their jobs. Cyber risks are so pervasive, impacting all sectors globally.

Our Training Courses

Cyber Risk Management Training For All Profiles

Cyber Risk Management

Having cyber risk management acumen requires having an in-depth understanding of the different factors within a complex human-technology environment that can affect a company’s resilience to cyber-attacks.

Knowing how to manage digital risks to drive corporate risk management performance and meet regulatory and standards compliance are critical.

Our cyber risk simulations are specifically designed to increase your people’s business cyber risk awareness and risk management through hands-on experiential learning. – at all levels of your organization.

Understanding of factors affecting cyber exposure leads to development of resilience through taking strategic decisions in relation to IT security investment, IT general controls testing, fit to overall enterprise risk management, feeds in to business continuity planning and a broader set of IT and cyber risk control operations.

Cyber Risk Awareness

Regulations & updated standards for 2022 require cyber awareness training at all levels within organisations

People change roles. Having an internal network to draw upon results in continued contact points for valuable cyber risk management insights

Shared learning – different company participant profiles create a shared experience that continues post-training

Don’t take a whack-a-mole approach to your cyber risk management strategy

A cyber-attack on your client, competitor, or supplier is a great motivator – be proactive and manage your cyber risks effectively

If you do not show your people what they should, or should not do, how can you expect them to fulfil your expectations?

Once done, there is no room for complacency in cyber risk management – it is an ongoing task

Technology Risk Management

Technology risk management extends beyond cyber risk management and focuses more upon operational factors that can impact upon an organizations’ technology function. Of major importance to external auditors, information technology general control effectiveness (ITGC’s) impacts heavily upon your organization in terms of time and cost.

With our technology risk management training programme, a broader personnel profile group can gain valuable and crucial knowledge and skills in understanding the full implications of technology operations.

As certified ISO27002 auditors and GDPR practitioners, we have widespread expertise in understanding technology operations and organizational issues. Our technology risk management module is taught in a standard presentation format and may be added to our other core programme modules according to your organization’s needs.

Custom Cyber Risk Management Training

Modular approach – select what you need

Adaptations to modules – a pick’n mix approach

Bespoke development – draw upon our academic experience

Co-development – collaborative creation for perfect fit

Profile matching  – individual needs assessment

Strategic planning – current & future needs evaluation

Compliance requirements – learning alignment to regulations/standards

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