Our Approach

With over 25 years operating within executive education and business environments, we believe that learning by doing is the best way for individuals to acquire and retain information that they can usefully use in their everyday roles.

It is for this reason that we use a blended approach to providing cyber and technology risk training, utilising a combination of traditional taught forms, cyber risk simulations and experiential learning.

In many sectors, individuals are required to undergo simulation training in order to perform their jobs. Cyber risks are so pervasive, impacting all sectors globally. By having your team members undertake training in:

Cyber Risk Awareness

Cyber Risk Management

Technology Risk Management

Custom Cyber Risk Training

Your organisation is able to meet the new regulatory mandates that require cyber awareness training for all levels of personnel. By adding cyber risk management training for non-technical managers and executives, cyber resilience programmes can be enhanced and developed.

Using our unique multi-patented cyber risk management software solutions, your teams can gain hands-on cyber risk management experience within a safe environment.

Developing your personnel with a risk focus is crucial, not only for cyber risks, but also technology risks. We can assist your organisation in training both current and next generation managers within the technology risk management domain.

IT risks are assessed annually as part of a company’s financial external audit, typically by the Big4 audit firms. Understanding how such auditors assess and audit your company’s IT general controls can play a major part in reducing time and complexity of external audits, resulting in greater risk control as well as reduced audit costs.



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